This film is about a woman´s journey, traveling in permanent mutation. Teixoneras is constructed with fragments of reality, is builded over improvised and random moments, a way to connect vivid or desired experiences. Several women living in their personal and lonely world. A crossed field with intersections, where the experience of every woman becomes a main character.
There are several women inside one woman, that moves forward through a broken and anachronistic time. The searching of a lost desire. A knitting as a farewell and a volunteer new beggining.

The footage has been completely caught in Super 8, color and BW, and features images from several cities (Buenos Aires/Barcelona/Berlin/Paris) in which I’ve lived between 2011 and 2013.

The imaginary of a female character focused on studying and discovering her environment while living her daily routine was the starting point. At a first stage, images were put together as a collage that would be intertwined by formal and emotional association; the output would be some kind of construction, from different facets of the same core, of a voyage of discovery.

Credits: Sara Calla – Ana Karina Juaréz – Natalia Lucía – Sandra Macedo – Rosita calvi – Vanvelvet / Carlos Edelmiro music / Natalia Lucía – Vanvelvet camera.