les herbes folles

Sustancia, de los suelos salvajes,

sin orden,


El verde cubre toda la superficie,

entre el;

mis pies y el abismo,

y mas allá en el monte,

todo es matorral y piel.

The project Les herbes folles gathers a series of photographs shot in black
& white 35 mm film, au naturel, in urban spaces or recreation areas.

The scene is composed of feminine figures; their passing by involves a rhythm,
and that rhythm is not only appreciated but also retained: a slow-
motioned ambience reveals and lets itself be seen.

In the depth of the environment, I can notice each feature of the light,
every age. Appearance shakes its veils. I inhale and wait for the gap,
getting surprised by a legacy of sense that looks —as a result of living
within the realm of an anachronistic memory— like inflorescences.

In my photographic promenades, occasionally —you could say—, time
stops; the gentle breeze on the face feels exactly like the caress of an
extremely soft palm.