Los Novios de las estaciones

The dreamy wedding in the keys of a discordant machine.

The premature leaves of melancholy, in love with good music… However, the mornings of the wedding’s eve become choked up.


Los novios de las estaciones was originally conceived as a play, but in its development and performance a strong cinematographic essence could be noticed.

We got thrilled by the chance of taking this play from the dramatic field to the film language and curious about what could result from this.

The challenge implied keeping something from this original experience: the parallel worlds in which the main character lives: wakefulness and dreams.

This is what led us to combine and alternate formats like HD and Super 8: High Definition would be used for his wakefulness, while his dreams would be captured in Super 8.

The fulfillment of this project would release the play Los novios de las Estaciones from the canvas on which it had been firstly expressed, making it able to transcend its original limits.

The new language’s liberties and restrictions led to the conformation of a new score preserving the essential notes.

A score made true by the unconditional support of every person involved in the project.


Credits: Sara Calla – Ana Karina Juaréz – Maximiliano García cast /Natalia Lucía director / Ernesto Baca – Natalia Lucía producer/ Igor Antoine Garfias producer / Amado Casal cinematographer / Paula Herrera director assistant  / Isabel Forcato art desing / Lucas Doffo soud diseng / Vanvelvet post-production.